As the go-to wedding planner for chic New Orleans couples, we have refined our signature 5-phase process to give you the minimal-stress planning experience you need, so you get the elegant, luxurious wedding you deserve.

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You want a wedding that is elegant, sophisticated, luxe — one where your families and friends can have an experience unlike any other. For that to happen, you’re starting to realize you need a different kind of planner. You need a planner who isn't afraid to talk numbers and make it happen - no matter what it is. Someone who isn't afraid to pull out all the stops, because their ultimate goal is putting together a wedding that will be more than a dream wedding. Because you want a wedding that will be an experience. 

When it comes to planning your perfect wedding, one thing is for sure: no detail can go unnoticed. 


As the leading wedding planner for elegant New Orleans couples, we’re passionate about helping you create the once-in-a-lifetime wedding you've been dreaming about since the moment you fell in love. 

J. Ivy Affairs, the Premier Wedding Planners of New Orleans

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We don’t believe in obstacles - only opportunities. 

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We hustle hard and go the extra mile to ensure your wedding day is exceptional.  

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We created our signature 5-phase process to ensure meticulous attention to every single detail.

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We embrace and celebrate all love stories.


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I’ve always been creative and a natural-born planner, but it wasn’t until I planned my own wedding that I realized my unique talent for planning weddings and coordinating them down to the minutest detail.

After planning and coordinating elegant weddings for some of the most stylish couples of New Orleans, I have refined my signature 5-phase system to an art, allowing you to be involved as much (or as little) as you would like to be.

I’m Jerenisha, Lead Creative Director and Founder of J. Ivy Affairs.

Mais, cher! Hey, y’all!

As a full-service wedding planner, my role is to execute the wedding day the very best I can. I want to take roles AWAY from you (and your mom!), so y'all can focus on the memories and moments.

I promise to always give it to you straight, match your determined energy, and find creative solutions to any unexpected challenges that may arise.


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At J. Ivy Affairs, we don't just build big, beautiful weddings for grand love stories, we create an unparalleled experience for you and your guests. 

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Unlike other planners, we use a strategic, 5-phase system(planning, design, coordination, execution, and post-wedding) to guarantee you a seamless, step-by-step planning experience from beginning to end. 

5-Phase System

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Need help pulling it all together? Event Management begins 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day. We take care of all the small, tedious details and vendor coordination so that you can focus on enjoying your day.

Wedding Day Management

Get us on your team from Day One. Investing in our signature experience means being able to simply sit back and put your feet up. We’ll do the hard work of creating an experience your guests will rave about for years to come. 

Full-Service Wedding Planning

Tired of trying to DIY it? Partial Wedding Planning services begin 6 months prior to your wedding day. We’ll swoop in, take those planning tasks off your plate, and manage your wedding on the big day. 

Partial Wedding Planning

Whether you need our help for a lot or a little, we care deeply about your experience and we will work hard to ensure you are well-taken care of every step of the way.

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During this in-depth 1:1 call, we’ll take the time to get to know all your needs and wants and learn if we’re a great fit for one another. Then we’ll create a custom-crafted action plan for you that covers every single detail, culminating in an elegant and luxurious wedding experience guaranteed to be unlike any other.

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