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About J. Ivy Affairs

Lead Creative Director | Founder of J. Ivy Affairs | Eternal Optimist

While planning can be stressful if not approached with the right strategy, I work from a different belief: wedding planning should be FUN. You’re preparing to celebrate the best day of your life. You’re providing your friends and family a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What could be more fun than that?

My Glass Half-Full Approach

Truthfully, people have always tended to gravitate toward me because I remain optimistic even in the most stressful situations. I have an uncanny way of always finding the good, and when it comes to celebrating love stories, there is so much good!

Who We Serve 

Originally from Mississippi, I’ve made New Orleans my home. Here, I’ve served some of the most stylish and elegant couples, providing them and their guests with the kind of luxurious experience they’ve dreamed about from the moment they fell in love. No matter your vision, there is no challenge too big for our team. 


Meet Jerenisha

When we meet I might feel like the kind of friend you laugh over beignets and cold brews with, but behind-the-scenes, know that I will always be hustling hard, ensuring we give you the wedding of a lifetime. 

You better believe I’m willing to go to the mat for your vision. It’s your day, and you deserve nothing less. 



If you value getting an experience unlike what any other wedding planner can provide, appreciate every single detail that goes into planning a wedding, and have tastes that match your budget, our team is here for you. 

Ready for that big sigh of relief?

A little bit about the J. Ivy Affairs team...


From our coordinators to our designers to our friendors, our entire team is from the south making you feel right at home. 


Relying on our individual strengths, we work together to tackle even the smallest detail.


As a team of natural creatives, we come up with the innovative solutions others miss so we can make your wedding unlike any other.

Our Promise:


When you work with us, you’re treated like family.

Working with our team is like working with family. We will always keep your best interests in mind as we work to turn your vision into a reality. Our team is here to make your life easier, advocate for the best use of your funds, and bring your wedding dreams to fruition. 

Because that’s just what family does for family.