Some love stories kindle from the first meet and others take their own sweet time. When LaTerica and Taaqiya met in the fall of 2012, both had no knowledge of what the cosmos had in store for them. After the first meeting through a mutual acquaintance, the two stumbled into each other a few times before finally realizing the blissful future the Universe has been secretly writing all along.

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November 3, 2023

Taaqiya and Laterica Getting Married at Bowery House and Gardens

The duo went on their first official date two years after they exchanged numbers, which was a movie and then a romantic dinner. Ray proposed to Jameka a few years later on Valentine’s Day. “My aunt tricked me into believing it was a normal Valentine’s date. Completely oblivious of his proposal plans, I went on the dinner. Next thing I know Ray is on his knee asking me to marry him.

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April 16, 2022

Ray and Jameka Getting Married at Levee Street Warehouse  

There’s utter beauty in farm weddings. Serene surroundings, lush nature, and flexibility to decorate as per your needs, a wedding day in a barn will remain forever cherished. Our couple, Watisha Newson & Kieran Warren, married at Blueberry Peace Farm in Magee, the city where the two currently reside. Six years of togetherness, two kids, and a beautiful surprise proposal later, the couple tied the knot in an elegant setup surrounded by their near & dear ones.

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March 22, 2022

Kieran and Watisha Getting Married at Blueberry Peace Farm